Saturday, 25 April 2009

William Wallace: Sikh Joins Scottish 700 year Celebration

In September 2005, Sikhs marched alongside the Clan Wallace to mark 700 years of Scotland's greatest BRAVEHEART, William Wallace!

The two nations of Scot and Sikh share immense similarity and affinity. Their common histories, struggles, battles, clans and misals, rugged culture, battle for liberty and freedom, denial of national statehood. These are the common ingredients that make up the vibrant histories of the Scots and Sikhs.

Sikhs marched proudly with the Clan Wallace in Lanark, Scotland, on 11th September 2005, celebrating the braveheart spirit which defines both nations and their enduring histories. Sikhs highlighted their parallel William Wallace, the famous heroic Banda Singh Bahadur. Like Wallace, he fought a guerilla war against the mighty Moghul empire to make Panjaab an independent state. Attaining initial independence for a short while (1710-1716), his forces were overpowered by the unr
elenting Moghul forces constantly on the attack against Panjaab. The flag of P
anjaab was once again subdued, Banda Singh was taken prisoner alongwith hundreds of other fellow fighters. Shackled and caged in hugely constructed cages, he was publicly paraded like Wallace, in the capital of the Moghul empire (Dheli).

He was publicly executed alongside his five year old son! The executioner first torn open the live body of his son, ripping out the palpating heart. Stuffing that into the mouth of Banda Singh, he then turned to Banda Singh. His body was slowly, methodically, in full public fanfare, hacked limb by limb, exactly like William Wallace!

The intense passion and bravery of these two foremost bravehearts of history, continue to simmer and sizzle in the minds of their nations; inspiring them to reclaim what has been taken from them and overthrowing the mentality of submission and acceptance of superpower domination.

In front a gathering of tens of thousands of Scots, in Lanark main park, Sikhs performed the historic Sikh battle combat discipline, popularly known as 'Gatka'. Scots who had fought with Sikhs in history, during the Anglo-Sikh wars, had reverred memories of the formidable Sikh soldier. Seoras Wallace, head of the Wallace Clan, spoke of his intense respect and affinity for the Sikhs, and the oral history past down through the Wallace generations about the Sikhs. Bhai Harjinder Singh (pictured below with his son) and his team from the Baba Deep Singh Gatka Akharra (Birmingham), gave a stunning performance to a mesmorised Scottish audience.

William Wallace and Banda Singh 'Bahadur' (braveheart) for ever!!!

For further details, contact Harjinder Singh at or 07813 488 168.

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